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5 Things to Love About San Bruno


San Bruno is a diverse city on the San Mateo Peninsula. There are approximately 45,000 people living here in many different neighborhoods! Though real estate prices are still high, they aren't as high as they are in the city of San Francisco. Here are 5 reasons to love San Bruno in 2019!

1. Proximity to Things 
San Bruno is located about 14 miles to San Francisco. That's only about 15 minutes away! The Pacific Coast is right over the hill, about 10 minutes away, and the bridges to the never ending roads to the rest of America are only 15 minutes away either north or south!

2. Weather
While it may be snowing in the mountains, it isn't snowing in San Bruno! Not even close! In the summer, when its burning up 20 miles east, it's not hot here either! I would say we linger around 60-65 degrees year round, give or take some 10 degree differentials every now and then. 

3. School and Work
We got great schools and we got great work! 6 public elementary schools, free pre-schools, one awesome middle school and the coolest high school ever! Most of the elementary schools offer after school care either free or at a discount! We also have an awesome community college! For work, we have the YouTube Headquarters, the San Francisco Airport, the Shops at Tanforan Shopping Mall, and a bunch of delicious restaurants, medical buildings, lots of offices, warehouses, and if you can't find a job here, I bet you can find one close by!

4. Restaurants
Since I mentioned restaurants above, I must tell you that San Bruno has some of the best! There are too many to mention but I can tell you that we have some of the best American, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai, French, and Vietnamese food around!

5. Parks and Rec
So, last but not least, San Bruno has the largest city park in san Mateo County! It has a swimming pool. three baseball fields, a basketball gym, tennis courts, walking trail, two playgrounds, exercise gym, party rentals, picnic tables, and more classes at the rec center than you can think of! We also have the best Senior Center right up the street with events for all ages! 

As you might have gathered, I am a resident of San Bruno and have been for a long time. I raised my kids here and participated in countless school and Chamber of Commerce activities! Although I was born and raised in San Francisco, I have grown to love the calmness of the suburbs while still being close to the City and everywhere else for that matter! 

Thanks for reading! ~Karin Cunningham | 650-438-3504 |
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